Large Animal Services

Our practice owner Liz Bramley is one of the most qualified and experienced cattle vets in the country with a PhD in ruminant nutrition and has been the 'go to' for teaching the next generation of cattle vets at Murdoch Uni until she started Cooinda Vet. 

Our services include:

  • Herd health visits
  • Parasite control and vaccination advice
  • Emergency visits

Cattle specific services:

  • Pregnancy diagnosis with ultrasound or manually
  • Lame cattle and foot trimming with our portable cattle crush with pulleys to help left cow feet
  • Vaccination advice
  • Nutritional advice - including feed budgeting and ration formulation
  • Beef and dairy herd management advice
  • Emergency calving assistance

Sheep and Goat specific services:

  • Parasite / worm control and Faecal Egg Counts
  • Vaccination advice
  • Emergency visits and assistance

Horse specific services:

  • Castration / Gelding
  • Lameness evaluations
  • Emergency Visits for stitch ups, colic, lacerations
  • Vaccinations for Hendra, Tetanus and Strangles